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Snow Leopard w/ VIM Command-T support

Navigation is truly what I use so frequently and Command-T make it damn easy
To keep it simple I will write every step in one line.

Although there are a little bit many steps, I thought it's still quite easy to do :)

0: prerequisite:

1. install homebrew
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

2. install python (replace build-in python2.6.1)
brew install python

3. install pip
brew install pip

4. install mercurial
pip install mercurial

5. download vim source
hg clone vim

6. build vim
cd vim && ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/bin --enable-rubyinterp --enable-gui=no --disable-gpm

7. make it and now we have ruby-integrated VIM !

8. copy to PATH you prefer
sudo cp src/vim /usr/local/bin

9. install command-T
curl -O

10. edit downloaded vba file
vim command-t-1.0.1.vba

11. source it !
:so %

DONE, next time when you use vim you can type <leader>t to trigger Command-T works!
Huh...!? not command t?
Actually I can't find a way to remap my New Tab shortcut, or I would like to remap it to command t

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