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Replication with Mobile (SQL ME) & SQL Server


  • 80 port to go through firewall
  • Verify user & security (SSL)
How to config IIS
  1. Replication → SQL Server 2005 ME
  2. Config the vitual dir (ISAPI, also called Mobile Agent) of IIS
IIS Authentication
  • Windows Authentication for Active Directory (AD)
  • Digest Authentication for joining into AD domain
  • Basic Authentication for encryption in SSL channel (user id & password)
  • .NET Passport Authentication (IIS 6 only, authenticate information just stores in Microsoft .NET Passport server, local server can't do this)
SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition Sync
  • Replication (Merge Replication for Mobile)
  • Remote Data Access (RDA)
  • SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS)
Why Merge Replication
  • Get SQL Server ME Database
  • Offline data access
uniquerowid occupy 16 bytes per row

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