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Zen Cart Install

  1. Install Apache, PHP, and MySQL Server (All In One : EasyPHP)
  2. Make sure that Apache could run normally (conflict with IIS port)
  3. Download ZenCart
  4. Unzip ZenCart into www directory of where EasyPHP installed
  5. Before installing, make sure that add a user account and it's password with administrator rights, and delete MySQL's default root account
  6. Create a database (named zencart or otherwise here)
  7. Start installing, make sure that the database name is the same with Step 6.
  8. Solve the error 1 & error 2
  9. Delete zc_install directory to solve error 1
  10. Change the rights of configure.php to read-only to solve error 2
(error 1)

(error 2)

PS : conf_files/httpd.conf Listen -> Listen 80
this one could allow the connection from public network

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